Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Hello everyone, my name is Mary Naylus and this is my new blog. I am the author of the forthcoming title 'The Dresskeeper'.

My book is a time travelling book aimed at the Young Adult audience. I am a forty... something year old writer (a lady never tells her real age) and I really wanted to write a book which will help readers understand history a bit better.

This is also why I wanted to start this blog. My main character, Penelope 'Picky' Robinson, has been made to take care of her sick grandmother every weekend for the foreseeable future. While exploring her gran's attic she finds and tries on a very old dress found in a dusty chest. She is then transported back in time to 17th century London where she meets a weirdo in a wig who, mistaking her for a girl called Amelia, tries to kill her.

Picky now needs to find out just who this girl Amelia is, and try to change the course of time in order to save a young girl's life.

As Picky is sent back and forth through time, she realises that she has never paid attention to history lessons at school and is very confused by her 'new' surroundings.

This blog will go through the book and explore the history behind Picky's many questions in short and easy to read entries.

The Dresskeeper (published by Prospera) has already received great reviews from many YA bloggers - whom I wish to thank here - and so I will also post links to some of those reviews on this blog. If you have any comments, I also highly welcome feedback and questions. Let the blogging begin!

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  1. This sounds like such an awesome idea! I will be following your posts from now on. Although I knew a little more than Picky about the 16th century, there were a few things I was surprised about, so I look forward to reading your posts!